By Progressive Dental Solutions
July 21, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: TMJ  

Find out how our Pittsburgh dentist can treat TMJ disorders.

There are many ways to treat symptoms of TMJ disorders to reduce pain and discomfort. While many people will notice their symptoms disappearing over time there are others who may need to really work with our Pittsburgh general dentist Dr. Michael Hnat to get the TMJproper treatment they need. Find out more about splint therapy and how it works.

What is a dental splint?

A dental splint goes by a lot of other names like night guards or mouthpieces. They can be made from either hard or soft material and they can cover all of your teeth or only certain teeth. Splints can be used for a variety of different conditions including sleep apnea, but dental splinting has also been known to help alleviate jaw problems due to TMJ disorder.

How do dental splints work?

Because dental splints help the jaw muscles relax, it can reduce facial tension and also reduce jaw problems caused by teeth grinding or jaw clenching. If your TMJ disorder is a result of your teeth grinding, wearing a dental splint can prevent wear and tear on your teeth and reduce the chances of tooth pain and sensitivity.

If your bite isn’t aligned properly your Pittsburgh dentist may recommend a dental splint to help adjust your bite to reduce the amount of strain and pressure that is being placed on your facial muscles.

What types of dental splints are available in Pittsburgh?

There are two types of splints to choose from: stabilization splints and repositioning splints. Stabilization splints are most often worn to prevent both teeth grinding and jaw clenching. These splints can be made from either hard or soft materials and are designed to cover all of your teeth. These splints are most often worn while you sleep.

Repositioning splints are used to reposition the jaw forward to improve your bite and to take pressure of certain muscles and ligaments. These types of splints are worn all day long.

Want to find out if splint therapy is the right treatment option for you? Then it’s time you called our Pittsburgh dental office. Let Progressive Dental Solutions help you achieve amazing oral health time after time.