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Dental Appliances

Dental Appliances

Dental Appliances The right dental appliance can help improve your life. If you suffer from sleep apnea or TMJ problems, a dental appliance can relieve symptoms and enhance your quality of life. Your dentists at Progressive Dental Solutions in McMurray, Pennsylvania, want to introduce you to the benefits of dental appliances.

Sleep apnea affects between 18 and 20 million adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation. If you are affected by sleep apnea, chances are you have tried the traditional method of treatment, a CPAP. The CPAP is a Continuous Positive Air Pressure device that covers your nose and mouth while you sleep, and provides a continuous flow of oxygen during the night.

Many patients suffer sinus problems and find the CPAP uncomfortable and difficult to maintain, so they discontinue treatment. At Progressive Dental Solutions, they have a different solution. It’s called an Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance and it works by shifting your tongue and lower jaws forward, keeping your airway open during the night. The Oral Mandibular Advancement Appliance allows you to sleep fully and continuously all night.

Dental Appliances A dental appliance is also used to effectively treat problems with your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. The TMJ is the joint that helps to open and close your jaw. The joint can shift out of position, causing friction as the joint rubs against surfaces incorrectly. The joint becomes stressed and tissue around the joint swells and becomes inflamed. All of these issues can create pain which is sometimes severe.

You can benefit from a custom-fit TMJ appliance if you notice clicking, popping or locking when you open and close your mouth, or if you notice jaw, ear or facial pain. Your dentists at Progressive Dental Solutions can create a night splint, bite guard or other appliances to help relieve TMJ stress and symptoms.

In addition to a dental appliance, they may suggest:

Anti-inflammatory or pain medication, or muscle relaxant medication
Hot and cold therapy, physical therapy and exercises
Cortisone injections around the joint
Electrical nerve stimulation or ultrasound
Dental appliances can help with sleep apnea or temporomandibular joint issues. You deserve to be comfortable and sleep soundly at night. For more information about what the right dental appliance can do for you, call your dentists at Progressive Dental Solutions in McMurray, Pennsylvania, today!

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