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Jaw Clicking And Locking

Jaw Clicking and Locking

Jaw Clicking and Locking Clicking, locking, and popping sounds in your jaw when you eat or talk are not normal when it comes to your oral health. Many people have TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) issues that cause one or more of these symptoms. Learn more about jaw health problems, what causes them and how they can be resolved at your dentist's office.

Jaw Health

Your jaw is part of what shapes and structures your face. Your teeth are rooted in the jaw bone tissue. The lower and upper jaw are connected by a hinge or joint on either side. That hinge point (called the temporomandibular joint) is what connects your smile and helps you chew and speak normally, so it is important that it stays healthy. However, some people develop TMJ disorders that can cause pain, clicking, and locking of the jaw. Other symptoms include stiffness in the jaw, chronic headaches, earache, and popping noises in the ears.

Causes of Jaw Problems

Many jaw problems are due to inflammation, irritation, or infection in the jaw hinges. The clicking and locking are telltale symptoms that something may be wrong. Dentists believe that jaw clicking and locking may be caused by:

- stress and anxiety
- injury to the head or jaw
- arthritis
- poor jaw position
- teeth grinding and clenching
- nervous chewing of the inside of the cheek or too much gum chewing
- screaming or yelling for long periods of time

Clicking and Locking Treatments

The treatment your dentist recommends for your jaw health problem will depend on the cause and other factors. Here are a few common treatments for clicking, locking, and popping in the jaw:

- a mouth guard or bite plate
- braces or a mandibular device to shift the jaw forward or backward
- crown, bridge or dental implant if needed
- ice therapy for the inflamed joint

Simple and Progressive Solutions

There is a straightforward and easy solution to your jaw problem, contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Michael F. Hnat or Dr. Shayna M. Adamovich. in McMurray, PA.

To learn more about Jaw Clicking and Locking
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