Our experienced and personable administrative and clinical staff provide caring, thorough, detail-oriented professional services to better and more comfortably serve you and your dental needs. All of our professionals at Progressive Dental Solutions maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry.

Michael F. Hnat D.M.D.Michael F. Hnat D.M.D.

Dr. Michael Hnat is a 1979 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and has been in private practice for over thirty years. In addition to general dental procedures, Dr. Hnat dedicates a regular part of his clinical practice to oral appliance therapy and use of a Dental Laser. He has received advanced training and holds certifications for the use of specialty oral appliances-for snoring/sleep apnea and tension and migraine headaches, a Diode Laser - for soft tissue dental procedures, and mini-implants - for denture and oral appliance stabilization. Dr.Hnat is an active member of the American Academy of Dental SleepMedicine and the Academy of Laser Dentistry and pursues ongoing advanced education in both areas. He is a member and preferred provider clinic of Sleep Group Solutions (SGS)-an international sleep medicine network- and a member of the Appliance Therapy Practitioners Association - a national dentist group skilled in providing oral appliances for TMJ and sleep apnea therapy. Dr Hnat speaks locally to community and civic groups on sleep apnea awareness and lectures nationally to dentists and other health care professionals on dental sleep medicine and the use of oral sleep appliance therapy for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. His passion in the field of dental sleep medicine is quite apparent in the care of his sleep patients and his lectures.  


Kim-Dental Hygienist
Kim is a a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport,PA. and graduated with a degree in Dental hygiene. She has over 17 years experience in the field and is always expanding her knowledge with numerous continuing education. Kim is extremely passionate about patient education and motivating her patients towards excellent oral health

Michelle-Dental Hygienist
Michelle is a graduate of West Liberty State College Dental Hygiene program. Her twenty plus years of dental experience between front office administration,chairside assisting as well as dental hygiene have made her the office multi-tasker capable of handling all areas of our operation. Her continuing education has provided her with advanced skills in the periodontal care of our patients and she is noticeably passionate in her desire to deliver comfortable and optimal care to all. Michelle is additionally trained to complete the patented Deep Bleaching-Kor Whitening™  procedure on our patients.

Tammy-Clinical Assistant
Tammy is a 1997 graduate of California U of PA with a B.S. degree in social work . Her obvious empathy towards patients is a product of her college education . She has ten years experience as a chairside assistant and holds certifications in xray and CPR. Tammy is the OSHA compliance officer for the practice responsible for educating and maintaining the safety of our patients.She is also the educational supervisor for students who complete externships at our office as part of their dental training programs. Tammy serves as the clinical assistant for the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea and is trained and certified in the use of diagnostic airway testing technology and portable home sleep testing devices used at our office in the treatment of these patients. Her expertise with this technology  gives her the opportunity to go beyond our office to train other dental office staffs on the education and use of this equipment.

Bonnie-Front Office Dental Services Administration
Friendly, caring and helpful is the voice on the phone that belongs to Bonnie . With over thirty years experience in dental front office administration she has seen and done it all. Bonnie also is the billing, insurance and financing coordinator.


Suzanne-Front Office Administration

Suzanne is a 1991 graduate of the University of Dayton and holds a Master's Degree and teacher certification in Spanish from the University of Pittsburgh. After years of applying her advanced education as a teacher and tutor she has returned to the work force as one of our personable front office administrators with a quest for "mastering" this area as well. Suzanne adds exceptional computer and organizational skills to complement the front office operations. She manages and maintains the administrative aspect of  our accredidation status as a dental sleep medicine facility and other credentialing requirements.

Barb- Front Office Medical Services Administration

Barb had worked a dozen years in the general insurance field before joining our team. She has successfully made the transition to  handle the complex tasks of verifying medical insurance coverage for oral appliances for our sleep apnea,TMJ and headache patients and electronic claims submissions for these services. She also handles all necessary correspondence with physician offices and sleep labs in the care of our sleep appliance patients.

Rachael-Dental Hygienist

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Hygiene, Rachael has over fourteen years of service in the Hygiene field including experience with Laser tissue treatment and has special training and certification to administer local anesthesia. Over the years she has also implemented protocol for the treatment of periodontal disease for the hygiene staff and trained staff on the use of digital xrays.Well versed in computer technology for dental front office administration Rachael has setup and oversees electronic claims submission at our office.